About Us

About Us

Who we are?

We are a big team of passionate and professional car repair mechanics. With more than 9 years of experience in this domain we offer more than just full services for your car. We see ourselves as experts and our job goes beyond mechanical or electrical repairs at fair prices because we know how shocked you are by the skyrocketing prices at your dealership or your local garage. Is the reason why we think the report between price and quality has to be even.

Why us?

Beside the fact that we know what we do, and we do it the best and professional way, this job is a passion for us. We won`t just repair your car, we will take care of it like is our own using the best tools, latest technology, best and friendly team. We know how much you love your care, we know that probably it has her personal name and most of the time you treat it like it is your other half, you don`t like when someone touches it. It is why here, in our so called “home”, as we like to call our garages, we will make your car feel like it`s at a car beauty salon or even better, a Spa salon. Your care deserves to be treated because it takes you everywhere you need, offers you comfort, safety but to make sure you will get 100% of your care daily, you need to make it feel special from time to time.

But there is more! Once you step into our home, is our responsibility as professionals and humans to make sure once you leave you are safe to drive home to your family because family means a lot to us. Our responsibility is to make sure you are safe on the road and this is one of the reasons why we offer high quality services at fair prices. Safety comes first as we already know and is the reason why we aim to keep the roads safe. Is not enough for your car to be able to get you from point A to point B when it can get you to point Z with just a little bit of care from time to time. We are a family business and is the reason why we know how important family is. Book your next visit simply by visiting our BOOKING page and choosing the service that you need. A MOT renewal or maybe a pre-MOT check perhaps. It doesn`t matter, we are here for your car and our door is always open for you.

Best regards,
Pam`s Mot Team

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